This section contains information about your customers, operations performed by them, and their account numbers.

Information about customers

The table in this section contains information about the customers, who performed an operation in one of your projects: ID, the date of the last operation, debit turnover of payments, contact details and the details of account numbers. Also, you are able to filter the information.
Note: The list is formed depending on the access rights of the Old Dashboard user role that is used to sign in.

Figure: List of customers

To filter the displayed information in the table, click Filter, specify the settings you need and click Search, the table automatically updates. You can save the filter settings for later use. To save a filter, check the box Save filter and specify a name of the new filter in the information box Filter name. If you already have a saved filter you can select it from the saved filter list. You can rename, edit, and delete the saved filters.

To display a certain number of columns, you can customise the table by clicking  which appears when you hover the cursor over the upper-right corner of the table. Once you select the certain columns, click Done.

To put the table columns in required order, drag and drop a column by clicking on its name.

Customer card

To view specific customer details, click the corresponding row in the table to open customer card with the following sections:
Note: All the data in the table and in the Customer cards are filled in automatically from the data about customer that is received from financial or any other type of request. If the parameter customer_id or the object customer (depending on your integration) is not passed in the request there is no data in the section Customers. For more information, see API and Payment Page invocation parameters.