API Tokens

This section allows you to generate tokens and their keys for the Data API and display the token of the employed pair.

The generated token and token key ('salt') are used to authenticate and authorize request in the Data API. For more information on Data API, see Retrieving data with Data API.

Figure: API tokens section

Attention: The generated key is displayed only until the web page is reloaded. Later only the Salt hidden message is displayed in the block.

If you lost the token key, you can generate a new pair and use it for sending requests.

Data access

The token and token key provide access to the projects to which the user account has access. Accordingly, the user who generates the token and its key must have access to all necessary projects.

Generating token and token key for Data API

The token and token key are generated in Old Dashboard and provide access to the data through Data API.

  1. Click on the user name in the upper right corner of the page, then select User Account to open your user account information.
  2. Click Generate new token in the API tokens block to generate a token and its key.
  3. Copy and save the values of the token and its key without closing or refreshing the web page.
    Attention: When the web page is refreshed or reopened the token is hidden.

The saved token and token key pair are used to access data through the Data API.