Operation types and statuses

Operation is an action within the payment among participants of the payment process.

Operation types

The purpose of the operation is shown by operation type and passed in the type parameter in the operation object.

Operation Description
account verification Verification of a bank card without performing actual withdrawal
auth Holding of funds on the bank card of a customer
capture Confirmation of holding the funds and withdrawal of funds from a customer bank card
cancel Cancellation of the holding of funds on a customer bank card
sale Direct withdrawal of funds from a bank card or customer account
recurring Activation of payments on saved credentials of a customer bank card
refund Refund after successful payment
payout Payout
reversal Refund after a successful payment before closing of the business day

Operation statuses

The operation status shows the stage at which operation is being processed and is passed in the status parameter in the operation object.

Operation status Description
success Successfully completed operation
decline Rejected operation
awaiting 3ds result Awaiting a request with the result of a 3-D Secure Verification
awaiting redirect result Awaiting customer return after redirecting the customer to system
awaiting clarification Awaiting additional parameters to be sent
processing Operation processing at Gate