Page for payment with a card without saving the card


The page is used to input data of a bank card.

Figure: Card payment page

Mandatory elements

  • Bank card number. You can display the number of a bank card in two ways:
    • With the space delimiter.
    • Without delimiter.

    You can display the payment system logo which is identified by the Bank Identification Number (BIN) of the bank card.

    Figure: Visa bank card

    You cannot change logos of payment system.

  • Bank card expiry date. You can display expiry date in one of the following ways:
    • In separated fields.
    • In one field with separator "/".
    • From drop-down lists.
  • Cardholder. The field can be hidden but it is required to confirm with technical support.
  • Card Verification Value/Code (CVV/CVC).
  • Pay button that initiates payment processing.
  • Privacy Policy notice. Default text is "Please read ECommPay Privacy Policy to understand how we process your personal data".
  • Error messages. Input fields are validated when loses focus An error message displays when the error field is focused.

    Figure: Error messages

    You need to specify the page layout with displayed error messages. The default error texts are provided in Appendix 1.

Optional elements

  • The message "Enter Bank Card details".
  • Fields for gathering customer data. If you use more than one additional field for gathering customer data, the fields are displayed on the next step page.

    Figure: One additional field

  • Logos of payment systems and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). You can change logos location.

    Payment systems requires to have logos of VISA, VISA ELECTRON, Mastercard, Maestro, Verified-by-VISA, Mastercard SecureCode, PSI DSS Compliant. Logos can be displayed on Payment Page or on the your project web page where at the same time Payment Page must be embedded as an element of your project web page.

  • Payment lifetime limit.

    Figure: Countdown timer

    You are not allowed to change the text and image of timer.

    For more information, see Limiting time for using Payment Page.