I. General requirements

You should provide the following information on the template layout of Payment Page.
  1. Way to open Payment Page (one or more):
    • As embedded into a web page
    • In a modal window
    • In a separate browser tab
  2. Way to open ACS page of the issuing bank:
    • In the current
    • In the separate tab
  3. Way to display payment result pages:
    • Redirecting to a project web page
    • On Payment Page
  4. Type of layout:
    • Adaptive
    • Fixed
  5. Environments:
    • Browsers and preferably their version
    • Operating systems and preferably their versions
    • Devices types
  6. Required interface languages:
    • Languages supported by default
    • Other languages

II. Requirements of layout scheme

  1. You should provide the template layout within a Zeplin project with imported graphic elements either PSD or sketch files.
  2. You must use the sRGB colour space in PSD files.
  3. In PSD files each element must have either a single layer or layers organised into a layer group and combined into the group folder. Names of all elements must uniquely identify them, for example, "Cardholder field".
  4. You can use only the Normal blending mode without opacity for layered PSD files.
  5. You should provide all graphic elements of the sketch files and Zeplin projects in SVG (preferably) or PNG format.
  6. You should develop all required page layouts preferably in all required languages.
  7. You should develop page layouts with all error messages.

III. Requirements of interactive element

You must customise buttons, links and other interactive elements in three states:
  • Idle – by default (how they appear when not hovered over or selected)
  • Hovered – hovered over
  • Click – selected (often referred to as being clicked)

IV. Requirements of text elements

  1. You should use integer font size values.
  2. If you use custom fonts that are not included in the set of operating system fonts, font files must be attached to the files of the template layout.
  3. If you edit default text elements, you must provide translations in required languages in a separate file or add text strings to the layout pages. For example, change "cardholder" with "card holder".
  4. If you edit default error messages, you must provide error translations in required languages in a separate file or add text strings to the layout pages.