Old Dashboard is your portal where you can manage your projects, track current billing information, generate and download statistical information, conduct analytics, and perform operations (for example, refund).

In accordance with the PSD 2 directive, in order to be able to perform financial operations by using Old Dashboard, specify the contact phone number to which SMS with a confirmation code will be sent (see the User Profile section for details), and enable two-factor authentication for signing in Old Dashboard (see the Security section for details).

The URL you use to access Old Dashboard is old-dashboard.ecommpay.com. The access to the Old Dashboard is provided by technical support.

Old Dashboard overview

Figure: Old Dashboard overview

  1. Search — sections search line
  2. Login — the login name that is used to sign into Old Dashboard, into the user account menu and users management menu
  3. The sections panel — the quick access navigation panel of Old Dashboard sections
  4. The section data — the information blocks and the data of the selected section
  5. Collapse — the button that you can use to collapse the sections panel

Structure of Old Dashboard

Old Dashboard includes the following sections:
  • Projects — the section with the information about your projects.
  • Payments — the section with the information about payments and operations and where you can perform payments.
  • Finance — the section with the IN/OUT report.
  • Customers — the section with the information about your customers.
  • My Account — the section with the information about your account.
  • My Team — the section with the information about all Old Dashboard users from your company.

Search by parameters

The search is performed by the values of the following parameters:
  • customer_id—customer identifier
  • operation_id—operation identifier
  • payment_id—payment identifier
  • acquirer_id—payment identifier on the external provider side