Banks of Malaysia (legacy)

Banks of Malaysia — payment system that uses the banking mechanism for payments and payouts in Malaysia. Payments are processed by using Payment Page, payouts are processed by using Gate.


A new technical implementation is available for working with the Banks of Malaysia method. It is described in the Banks of Malaysia section.

For the information on how to switch to a new implementation refer to your key account manager.

Purchases by using Payment Page

Processing of payments in this system can be performed only by using the Malaysian ringgit (MYR). The minimal payout amount is 50.00 MYR, the maximum amount is 50,000.00 MYR. Payment processing is supported by banks, the list of them is provided in the table below.

Table 1. List of supported banks, purchases
Bank name Bank ID
Maybank Berhad 103
Public Bank Berhad 104
CIMB Bank Berhad 105
Hong Leong Bank Berhad 106
RHB Banking Group 107
AmBank Group 108
Using preselected payment method

You can customize the selecting payment method page on Payment Page.

By default, banks that support Banks of Malaysia payment method are grouped in one button on Payment Page, so the selection of a bank is carried out in two steps. First, the Banks of Malaysia method is chosen among others, and then a particular bank is selected on the next page with the list of the group banks. There are several options for displaying the page with the selecting of payment method on Payment Page:

  • To display each bank of the Banks of Malaysia group with a separate buttons, pass split_banks=true in the request for opening in the payment_methods_options string.
    payment_methods_options: {"myr_asian_banks": {"split_banks": true}}
  • To display a button of a specific bank (one or several) from Banks of Malaysia group on Payment Page in the list of payment methods, pass the bank identifier in the banks_id parameter. If it is necessary to display several banks from a group, pass the identifiers of these banks separated by a comma with a space.
    payment_methods_options: {"myr_asian_banks": {"split_banks": true, "banks_id": [105, 106]}}
  • To preselect Banks of Malaysia as the payment method on Payment Page for customers, pass the code myr_asian_banks in the force_payment_method parameter in the request for opening. The list of the banks from Banks of Malaysia group is displayed to a customer on Payment Page bypassing the page with the payment method selection.
  • To immediately redirect a customer to the website of the specific bank from the Banks of Malaysia group, pass the code myr_asian_banks in the force_payment_method parameter and the bank identifier banks_id in the payment_methods_options string. The customer is redirected to the bank website without confirming willingness to pay, bypassing the pages with the payment method selection and the choice of banks on Payment Page.

Figure: Example of the request for redirecting customer to the bank website
    { payment_id: 'X03936', 
      payment_amount: 200000, 
      payment_currency: 'MYR', 
      project_id: 0,
      customer_id: 'user123',
      force_payment_method: 'myr_asian_banks',
      payment_methods_options: {"myr_asian_banks": {"banks_id": [105]}},
      signature: "kUi2x9dKHAVNU0FYldJrxh4yo+52Kt8KU+Y1Y4HASCQ9vySO\/RLCv...=="

Payouts by using Gate

Processing of payouts in this system can be performed only by using the Malaysian ringgit (MYR). The minimal payout amount is 50.00 MYR, the maximum amount is 50,000.00 MYR. The list of banks that support payout processing is provided in the table below.

Table 2. List of supported banks, payouts
Bank name Bank ID
Maybank 103
Public Bank 104
CIMB Bank 105
Hong Leong Bank 106
RHB Bank 107
AM Bank 108
Affin Bank 109
Alliance Bank 110
Bank Rakyat 112
CIMB Enterprise 113
Citi bank 114
Hong Leong Bank Enterprise 115
HSBC Bank 116
Maybank Enterprise 117
OCBC Bank 118
Public Bank Enterprise 119
UOB Bank 121
Standard Chartered Bank 122
Bank Of China 157
Request for payout
Note: POST the /v2/payment/asian-banks/payout request.

In the request specify the unique payment ID in your system, as well as the ID of the bank in which the payment is made.

After Gate finishes processing your request you receive a callback with the result of payment request.

Figure: Example of request for payout

            "general": {
                "project_id": 0,
                "payment_id": "Payout12",
                "signature": "8+oTRZBlWqIEXZxI+8QhvhPBquE/bFSgv7BpTJMl6gmZ...=="
            "customer": {
                "id": "Customer_45",
                "ip_address": ""
            "payment": {
                "amount": 10000,
                "currency": "MYR",
                "customer_name": "Hemachan",
                "account": "642245678952",
                "bank_id": 121,
                "description": "Test payout"
            "return_url": ""