Managing payment methods availability


For accepting payments using Payment Page, merchants can set up the functionality of hiding payment methods that are available within the current project but are not relevant for a particular payment due to region- or customer-specific reasons and other factors. With this capability set up, the page for selecting payment methods displays to the customer all the available methods except for the hidden ones.

For filtering out particular payment methods within a single Payment Page session, specify the hide parameter in the request for opening Payment Page. The value of this parameter is the code of the method to be hidden. If there is more than one method specified, the values should be separated by a comma. The list of codes for the supported payment methods is provided in IDs of payment methods supported on Payment Page. No additional actions are required for setting up this functionality.

Tip: If the payment is made with the use of only one payment method, it is recommended to set up the capability of preselecting payment methods.

The following example illustrates the parameters passed in the request for executing a payment with the WeChat and Alipay payment methods excluded from the list of methods available for the customer within this payment.

   "project_id": 43,
   "payment_id": "456790",
   "payment_currency": "USD",
   "payment_amount": 131970,
   "customer_id": "customer_12", 
   "hide": "wechat, alipay",   // codes of the payment methods to be hidden
   "signature": "TSzdE5rJZaA9TYAKoGpfXriFf82MxF..."

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