This section provides answers to questions that are commonly asked by the merchants' technical specialists.

These questions are divided into the following groups:

  • Integration covers questions about integration process including configuration and testing of various functionalities.
  • Payments covers questions about processing different types of payments, operations, and performing procedures as well as the rules for specifying different parameters in requests.
  • Callbacks covers questions about callbacks sent from the payment platform including their parameters and configuration.
  • Results covers questions about control and interpretation of different payment results, operations, and procedures performed within the platform.
  • Chargebacks covers questions about working with chargebacks on payments processed via the payment platform, largely in cases when ecommpay acts as an acquirer.

If the information provided here and in other sections of the documentation is not enough to solve your problems, contact our specialists:

  • with business and financial issues (the cost of services, calculating commissions, working with balance sheets, and other questions), contact your key account manager;
  • with technical issues (working with different interfaces, making requests, and other questions), contact the technical support specialists (support@ecommpay.com).