This section contains general information about working with the ecommpay payment platform. Use it to understand the fundamentals of how the platform works and how to establish the interaction with the platform via one or several interfaces. For example, if you need to accept payments with the use of the payment form by ecommpay, issue refunds via an API, and have your employees monitor information via an online dashboard panel, you can use this section to learn about interfaces and components that fit the needs of your company, general steps of integration with the platform, workflows of specific payment types and their statuses, data signing, and different ways to check payment information. Based on the information you have learned, you can set up the most fitting solutions for your business.

This section includes the following information:

  • Overview—an introductory article with the information about the payment platform, its interfaces and components, and the key integration steps.
  • Payment processing—articles about payment types that can be processed via the platform, workflows and possible statuses of these payments and operations performed within them.
  • Signature generation and verification—information about data signing and verification required in order to work with any of the program interfaces of the platform.
  • Handling payment processing information—information about receiving and processing data on payments executed via the platform so that the merchant can analyse, monitor, and respond to payment processing activity.

In addition to the information covered in this section, in order to learn about the platform's capabilities and interacting with it, you can use the articles about working with specific interfaces and components of the platform in the Tools section, information on risk management and chargebacks, answers to FAQs, and other articles of this documentation portal. Along with that, if you have any questions, you can contact your ecommpay account manager and the technical support.