Testing is one of the crucial steps of integrating new payment methods: it is important to test both the user scenarios and the correctness of the technical integration. To facilitate this process, the ecommpay payment platform supports emulators of different payment systems and payment operations, and the work on developing and improving these emulators is always ongoing. At the moment, the emulators allow you to test the following payments and operations:

Method Purchases Refunds Payouts
Alipay + +
Apple Pay +
Indonesian Online Banking + +
Vietnamese Online Banking + +
Malaysian Online Banking + +
Thai Online Banking + +
DOKU Wallet + +
Google Pay +
Neteller + +
Skrill Wallet + + +

For more information on testing the payments and operations listed above, refer to the articles about the corresponding methods. For more information on testing card payments, see articles in the Gate and Payment Page sections. Additional questions should be addressed to ecommpay technical support.