Payment Page

This section provides the information about working with the Payment Page payment form.


This article introduces the information about the payment form, the general workflow of using the form, and the capabilities overviewOverview.


The information about setting up Payment Page in different cases:

  • Quickstart—about quick and easy ways to organise payment processing with the application of ready-to-use solutions, such as SDKs and source code examples, to their fullest extent.
  • Interaction concepts—about organising the work with Payment Page on the web service side in various cases based on the principles of the payment platform operation.
  • Integration using SDK—about using SDKs for mobile applications and data signing.
  • Integration using plug-ins—about embedding the payment form into the websites on the basis of various CMSs and specialised platforms with the help of plug-ins.
  • Integration using a microframe solution—about using Payment Page microframe to establish a one-page checkout process.

UX configuration

The information about various options of the payment form UX configuration:

Basic actions

The information about the basic actions that can be performed via the payment form, with the description of logical models, user scenarios, as well as the request and callback formats:

  • Payment models and statuses—about the types of the payments that can be processed via Payment Page, payment workflows, as well as possible payment and operation statuses.
  • Purchase processing—about processing purchases that result in immediate debiting of funds.
  • Authorisation hold—about placing a hold on funds within a two-step purchase.
  • COF purchase registration—about registering purchases followed by a series of recurring debitis.
  • Payment instrument verification—about debiting of a zero amount or placing a hold on funds for validating the payment instrument.
  • Tokenization—about opening the payment form for registering payment data and forming a token for this data.

Additional capabilities

The information about various capabilities for boosting payment acceptance rates, customer convenience, and the quality of the provided services—Auxiliary procedures and additional capabilities and Customisation.

Additional integration options

The information about integration via TelegramPayments by using Telegram bot.

Technical aspects

The information about various technical aspects of working with program requests, digital signature, callbacks, and Payment Page in general—Payment Page API Description.