Auxiliary procedures and additional capabilities

This section provides the information about various procedures and capabilities. While the procedures can be run automatically during the Payment Page operation for processing separate payments and affect user scenarios, the capabilities can be implemented upon the merchant request for improving the provided service.

Boosting payment acceptance rates

The procedures and capabilities that can help to ensure high acceptance rates:

  • 3‑D Secure authentication—about the use of customer authentication for processing card payments.
  • Checking with Address Verification Service—about the procedure of specifying customers' postcodes and addresses for processing payments with the use of the cards American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • Submission of additional payment information—about the procedure of specifying additional data that can be requested by payment systems in certain cases.
  • Payment retries—about the capability of providing the customers with additional payment attempts (in case of other attempts failure), including the capability of changing the payment method.
  • Cascade payment processing—about the capability of making additional payment processing attempts (when relevant), without changing the payment method.
  • Collecting customer data—about the capability of obtaining and providing customer additional information. This can help to avoid the implementation of some auxiliary procedures.

Improving customer experience

The capabilities that can be used for adjusting payment scenarios to different situations:

Supporting specific scenarios of working with the form

The capabilities of adapting the payment form to different industries, types of business, and particular cases:

Monitoring payment form usage

The capabilities of obtaining and processing the information about various interface events related to the payment form and customer actions in this form—Handling customer behaviour events on Payment Page.

Informing customers

The capabilities of sending e-mail notifications to inform the customers about payment processing and other related events—Sending receipts and notifications to customer.