Integration using plug-ins

Modern content management systems (CMSs) and specialised platforms allow you to launch, maintain, and further develop the web services for your business quickly and efficiently. For the easiest possible integration of such web services with the payment platform, ecommpay provides merchants with the specialised integration modules—plug-ins. With each plug-in, you can promptly connect your web service created in a popular system to the ecommpay platform and process payments using the Payment Page payment form, with all necessary interactions between the web service and the payment platform set up.

The ecommpay plug-ins allow integrating the platform and web services that operate with the use of the following systems:

If you have any questions regarding the usage of the ecommpay plug-ins or suggestions as to how their functionality can be expanded and enhanced, contact your ecommpay account manager. With questions about integrating, testing, and using these plug-ins, contact the technical support specialists.