Gate is one of ways to integrate with the ECommPay payment platform and provides fully opportunities for interaction with the payment platform. Gate supports the ability to perform purchases and COF purchases, refunds and payouts, as well as request for additional information, for instance a payment status. You can use Gate with other ECommPay products, for example you can perform purchases by using Payment Page, as well as payouts and refunds by using Gate.

Gate allows to process card payments of the following types: American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Troy, Belcard, MIR, and CUP (only for payouts) and alternative payments (for more information, see Payments by using alternative methods). In accordance with the recommendations of the Visa and Mastercard for 2020, the payment platform supports the possibility of making payments on expired cards. To enable this feature, contact the ECommPay technical support.

For issuing of payments by using Gate, you need to develop your own payment interface, with full UI control. For payment processing by using payment cards, your payment interface needs to be a PCI-compliant.

In general, while performing a payment, the web service sends a request to one of Gate API end points. Then the payment platform receives the request, processes and redirects it to third parties participating in payment processing and responds with a callback contained the final payment result.

The sections about Gate cover the following: