This section provides the information about working with the Gate interface.


The information about the interface and the basic actions available during the work with the interfaceOverview.


The information about the integration with the ecommpay payment platform via Gate:

  • Quickstart—about quick and easy ways to start accepting payments and to implement other capabilities with the use of PHP and Go code examples.
  • Interaction concepts—about integrating with the payment platform via Gate and the interaction formats and workflows utilised in the process.

Basic actions

The information about the basic actions available during the work via Gate, with the logical models description, endpoints for sending program requests and the data examples from requests and callbacks:

  • Payment models and statuses—about the types of the payments that can be processed via Gate, payment workflows, as well as possible payment and operation statuses.
  • One-time purchases—about processing purchases with immediate debiting of funds (one-step purchases) and with debiting after authorisation hold (two-step purchases).
  • Payment link purchases—about processing one-step and two-step purchases with the use of payment links and with the customer redirection to the Payment Page payment form.
  • Credential-on-file (COF) purchases—about registering and processing purchases with the subsequent series of recurring debits.
  • Purchase refunds—about returning the funds that were debited from the customer's account within a particular purchase.
  • Payouts—about processing payouts with the transfer of funds from the merchant to the customer.
  • Payment instrument verification—about debiting a dummy (zero) amount or authorising a specific (non-zero) amount to verify a payment instrument.

Auxiliary procedures and additional capabilities

The information about various procedures and capabilities that can be used for processing payments via Gate:

  • Auxiliary procedures—about the procedures that can be required for processing separate payments.
  • Additional capabilities—about the capabilities that can be useful for boosting payment acceptance rates, customer convenience, and the quality of the provided services.

Technical aspects

The information about various technical aspects of working with program requests, digital signature, callbacks, and the Gate interface in general—API Description.

API specification

The information about the Gate data structures in program requests and responsesAPI Reference.