Auxiliary procedures

This section provides the information about the procedures that can be required for processing certain payments.

  • 3‑D Secure authentication—about customer authentication with the use of protocols 3‑D Secure 1 and 3‑D Secure 2 for ensuring secure payment processing.
  • 3‑D Secure authentication on merchant side—about an additional variant of customer authentication with the use of the 3‑D Secure protocol on the merchant web service side.
  • Authentication on merchant's request—about the procedure of additional customer authentication that can be used as an alternative to the 3‑D Secure authentication and is performed upon the merchant's request.
  • Checking with Address Verification Service—about the procedure of verifying the customers' postcodes and addresses to ensure secure processing of payments with the use of the American Express, Mastercard, and Visa cards.
  • Submission of additional payment information—about the procedure of providing additional data that can be requested by payment systems in separate cases.
  • Currency conversion—about processing payments in different currencies for the customer and the merchant with the conversion involved.