Warning: By March 31, 2021 Dashboard users should to provide a phone number and enable two-factor authentication in order to access the interface. To learn more about complying with these requirements and possible exceptions, see How to access.

On December 1, 2020 the web address and the name of this interface were replaced as the trial run of the new interface ended and Dashboard Light fully replaced the previous Dashboard interface.

In the process of the replacement, the web address has been changed from dash-light.ecommpay.com to a more familiar dashboard.ecommpay.com, and the name Dashboard Light was changed to Dashboard. The web page dash-light.ecommpay.com redirects to the new interface while the previous version of the Dashboard interface will be eventually phased out. In the meantime, it remains temporarily available at old-dashboard.ecommpay.com under the name Old Dashboard.

Dashboard is an interface for managing payment solutions offered by ECommPay payment platform. This interface allows its users to analyze detailed and consolidated payment processing data, issue refunds and make payouts, prepare a wide range of reports, and so on. While new features are still being added to Dashboard, it is already a fully-functional interface fit for efficient operation.

Dashboard replaces Old Dashboard. The trial run of Dashboard started on April 13, 2020, and in 2021, ECommPay plans to end support for the Old Dashboard interface.

This section contains the following information on Dashboard and its use: