Main use and special characteristics

Dashboard is a web interface intended for use by merchants of ECommPay. This interface allows merchant employees to accomplish a range of tasks related to all projects of their company in the ECommPay payment platform. They can:
  • Analyse and monitor payment processing and consolidated financial data with an option to break it down by different characteristics and with the help of visualisation tools.
  • Perform payment link purchases and issue partial and full refunds as well as both single and bulk payouts to the customers of the merchant's web service.
  • Monitor and prevent fraud cases as well as monitor and accept chargebacks.
  • Create a range of reports with consolidated information on payment processing and financial results.

This list of capabilities continues to grow.

Dashboard supports two-factor authentication for access according to the requirements mandated by PSD2 (Revised Directive on Payment Services, Directive (EU) 2015/2366), and access permissions are granted according to the role-based access model described in a corresponding section.

From the start, Dashboard was designed with the consideration of leading development methodologies and technologies including elements of design thinking. As a result, the interface includes a number of solutions which have already been tested with the help of prospective and real-life users, and any clients of ECommPay can contribute to the further development of the interface — if you are interested, let your account manager know.

Getting started

The merchants that were still in the process of integration with ECommPay as of April 13, 2020 or that have not used ECommPay services before are provided access only to the Dashboard interface. For the rest, the trial run of the interface began on April 13 following which in 2021 ECommPay plans to end support for Old Dashboard, the previous version of the interface, and only continue supporting Dashboard for use by merchants. For more detailed information on the time schedule of the trial run, contact your account manager. Key new features and differences between the two interfaces are described below, in a corresponding section.

If you wish to get started, while still continuing to use the previous version of the interface, contact your ECommPay key account manager. Following their confirmation, you can access both interfaces using the same user account, however, simultaneous use is not recommended because it increases the chance of conflicts due to actions of different users.

Dashboard is available at dashboard.ecommpay.com.

If you have questions about using Dashboard, please consult our technical support specialists — support@ecommpay.com.