Saving payment data

For convenience of quick and efficient payment customers can save the data of one or several bank cards, e-wallets, accounts, mobile numbers or any other payment instrument when performing a payment. If you obtain the PCI DSS certificate, you can store the card data on your side, if not—on Gate side. For each payment instrument, Gate saves the payment credentials and assigns the instrument its own ID.

Gate supports the maximum quantity limits of the payment instruments a customer can save.

Tip: To enable and configure the service contact the technical support by email
Attention: To save and perform payments on saved data, pass the id parameter of the customer object in the request for payment.

Retrieving the list of saved payment data

Additionally, you can request a list of the customer's saved instruments and their details; in this case the number of the customer card is masked and CVV is not sent.

Request to retrieve the list of saved payment data

Note: POST the /v2/customer/saved_account/list request.

In the request specify the customer id, the project id, and the payment system.

When Gate finishes processing the request, you receive a response with the list of customer's saved payment instruments. The response will not contain the list if no payment instruments were saved in the selected payment system. For each payment instrument, its ID in Gate is specified in the account_id or card_id parameter.

Deleting saved payment data

When a customer deletes previously saved payment instrument, send the request for removal. In this case, Gate removes the instrument from the list of saved payment instruments, but does not delete its data.

Note: If the saved card has a token, the token will be deleted when the saving of the card is canceled. Alternatively, a saved bank card is removed when you revoke the token of this card. For more information about tokens, see Using tokens.

Request to delete a payment data from the saved list

Note: POST the /v2/customer/saved_account/delete request.

In the request specify the ID of the saved payment instrument.

When Gate finishes processing of your request you receive a reply with the result of removal of the payment instrument from the saved list.