Sending receipts and notifications to customer

Sending receipt

To form and send an electronic sales receipt to customers after performing a payment, pass all the positions indicated in the receipt in the payment request.

The data for the receipt is passed as a JSON object, which must be encoded in Base64 and sent in the payment request in the receipt_data parameter. The JSON object structure is given in the receiptdata model in Gate API.

Example of the receipt data for passing

Initial JSON object:
            "description":"Design frame"
The same array, encoded in Base64, to be sent to Payment Page in the payment request:

For more information about sending receipts to customers, see the section Sending notifications to customers.

Sending notification

In the case of payments on the cards of Belarusian banks, it is possible to set up sending notifications to customers by email about payment completion. For more information or to enable and configure the service, refer to your Key Account Manager.