Sending receipts and notifications to customer

Sending a receipt

To form and send an electronic sales receipt to customers after performing a payment, pass all the positions indicated in the receipt in the payment request.

The data for the receipt is passed as a JSON object which is encoded in Base64 and sent in the payment request in the receipt_data parameter. The JSON object structure is given in the receiptdata model in the Gate API.

Example of the receipt data to be sent

Initial JSON object:
            "description":"Design frame"
The same data, encoded in Base64, to be sent to Payment Page in the payment request:
receipt_data: "eyAgCiAgICAgICJwb3NpdGlvbnMiOlsgIAogICAgICAgICB7ICAKICAgICAg

For more information about sending receipts to customers, see the section Sending notifications to customers.