Preselecting payment method

You can choose the payment method to be displayed to the customer when Payment Page opens. The customer is forwarded to the entering payment data step, excluding the step of payment method selection.

The customer is forwarded to the step of entering payment data, the payment method selection step is omitted.

Figure: Payment Page with the preselected method

In case the customer has saved payment methods in the chosen payment system, first the payment page opens on the step of selecting a saved or new payment method.

Figure: Payment Page with chosen method and saved payment methods in this system

Selecting a relevant payment method forwards the customer to the step of entering the payment details.

Note: Preselection of the payment method is available in the Purchase mode.

Specifics for different methods

Some of the payment methods may have additional requirements when preselected. The details are specified on the pages dedicated to these payment methods in the Payment methods section.

Opening Payment Page with payment system chosen

Specify the ID of the payment method you want to be chosen for the customer in the force_payment_method parameter. The list of supported payment methods and IDs is specified in IDs of payment methods supported on Payment Page.