Payments by using tokens

Payment Page supports performing fast payments by using bank card tokens.

While requesting to open a payment page you specify the active token of a customer bank card. The generated payment page opens with the filled bank card details (except CVV). To make a payment, the customer enters only CVV and confirms the payment amount by clicking Pay.

Note: When performing a payment by using a token the customer will not be able to select any other bank card or payment account.
Figure 1. Payment page with preselected card when performing a payment by token

Note: The functionality is available in the Purchase mode.
Notice: To enable and configure the service contact technical support by email

Parameters to pass

To perform a payment by token, specify the token in the account_token parameter and the ID of a customer in the customer_id parameter in the object or the URL.

For the full list of the supported parameters see Parameters for opening payment form.