Try Again button: retry to perform payment

To increase conversion rates, Payment Page supports processing of additional payment attempts when after a decline a customer can click Try Again and return to the first step to select another payment account.

Figure: Try Again button

Note: The functionality is available in the Purchase mode.
Tip: To enable and configure the service contact technical support by email

The number of attempts and the time period, during which the attempts may be performed, are limited. By default, a customer may perform a maximum of 5 attempts during 30 minutes from the time of the first decline. We can configure these parameters to your expectations.

Parameters in callbacks

The payment is in the status awaiting customer until it gets the final decline upon expiration of payment attempts or in case of the first successful attempt. You receive a callback with the payment result at each customer attempt to pay.

If the functionality is enabled, the callbacks you receive include the following parameters: payment.is_new_attempts_available and payment.timeout_attempts.

  payment.is_new_attempts_available payment.timeout_attempts
Successful payment false 0
Unsuccessful payment within the allocated time period and the attempt limit is not exceeded true Remaining time, sec.
Unsuccessful payment when the allocated time period and/or attempt limit is exceeded false 0

For more information about sent parameters, see Callbacks.