Checking with Address Verification Service

General information

Address Verification Service (AVS) is a service that allows you to check whether a customer who makes a payment by a bank card is the actual cardholder. The AVS check is performed by matching the address specified by a customer while performing a payment with the cardholder address according to the bank card Issuer.

AVS verification is mandatory for payments with Visa and Mastercard cards performed in the UK, and optional in the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. For American Express, AVS verification is mandatory in the USA and Canada and optional in other countries. Therefore, it may be required additional mandatory parameters in the request for payment: the postcode avs_post_code and the address avs_street_address of a customer, for more information, see Submission of additional payment information. If the data does not passed, not pass validation or empty, you receive the appropriate decline code and message. The result of the AVS check is sent in the callback parameter avs_result.

Note: The requirement to provide AVS parameters persists even if the payment is made by a token or a saved bank card.

Results of checking with AVS

Possible codes with additional information and descriptions can be found below.

Table 1. Codes of results of checking with AVS
Code Additional information Description
W, Z Partial match Post code matches, but street address does not
A Partial match Street address matches, but post code does not
X, Y Exact match Address and post code match
N No match Street address and post code do not match
S, U Address information unavailable. Address information is unavailable for this account or an issuing bank does not support the AVS
R System unavailable System is unavailable at the moment, retry
Table 2. AVS response codes divided by international payment systems
VISA A, N, R, U, Y, Z
MasterCard A, N, R, S, U, W, X, Y, Z
American Express A, N, R, S, U, Y, Z