Saving customer payment data

For convenience of quick and efficient payment customers can save the data of one or several bank cards, e-wallets, accounts, mobile numbers or any other payment instrument when performing a payment.

When a customer saves at least one payment instrument data, Payment Page in Purchase mode shows the saved instrument which the customer used to perform the last successful payment.

Payment Page supports the following options for saving payment accounts:
  • always save customer payment data
  • never save customer payment data
  • ask customers about saving payment data

Additionally, you can limit the maximum number of saved payment instruments per customer.

If necessary, the customer can delete the saved instruments in Payment Page. In case when a customer deletes a saved card, on which subscriptions for performing COF payments are registered, the withdrawal of funds does not stop. For details on canceling COF payments, see COF purchase registration.

Tip: To enable and configure the service contact technical support by email