Saving customer payment data

To ensure convenience and efficiency of the Payment Page user scenarios, you can implement the capability of storing customer payment credentials for subsequent use without prompting the customer to provide this data again. Customer payment credentials can be saved when customers make purchases or when their payment instruments are verified. Saved payment credentials are shown on the payment method selection page together with the details of cards for which tokens were generated.

Payment Page supports the following options for saving payment data:
  • always save customer payment data
  • never save customer payment data
  • ask customers about saving payment data

Additionally, you can limit the maximum number of saved payment instruments per customer.

If necessary, the customer can delete saved payment instruments in Payment Page. In case when the customer deletes a saved card that was used to register a COF purchase, the debiting of funds continues to take place. For details on cancelling a COF purchase, see COF purchase registration.

Tip: To enable and configure the service contact technical support by email