Automatic payment currency selection


The capability of automatic payment currency selection does not allow the customer to select the currency to perform the payment. This type of payment currency selection is available for all payment methods. Automatic payment currency selection uses exchange rates set by ecommpay. To learn more about exchange rates, contact your account manager.


You do not need to update your web service to support automatic payment currency selection.


Automatic payment currency selection does not require any additional actions on your part and is automatically performed during the payment procedure.

Currency conversion information is included in payment result callbacks: the operation object contains the sum_initial object that specifies the amount and the initial currency and the sum_converted object that specifies the amount and the currency after the conversion operation. For more information about these objects, see Callbacks.

The following example shows information about a purchase with a conversion operation in which 100 USD are converted into 519.41 PHP.

Figure: Example of a callback when executing a purchase required currency conversion

        "project_id": 239,
        "payment": {
            "id": "EPfa87-bcfd",
            "type": "purchase",
            "status": "success",
            "date": "2020-03-06T14:11:00+0000",
            "method": "Philippines banks",
              "amount":10000, // Initially requested amount
              "currency":"USD" // Initial requested currency
            "description": ""
        "operation": {
            "id": 464,
            "type": "sale",
            "status": "success",
            "date": "2020-03-06T14:11:00+0000",
            "created_date": "2020-03-06T14:10:34+0000",
            "request_id": "f6ab99eb0940e43a774b969cb74a88ef08eec6c8951-00000001",
            "sum_initial": {
                "amount":10000, // Initially requested amount
                "currency":"USD" // Initially requested currency
            "sum_converted": {
                "amount":519410, // Amount after conversion
                "currency":"PHP" // Automatically selected target currency
            "code": "0",
            "message": "Success",
            "provider": {
                "id": 1369,
                "payment_id": "7QKID3P3",
                "auth_code": "",
                "endpoint_id": "BOG",
                "date": "2020-03-06T14:10:54+0000"
        "signature": "YZKXHr2ZdK3tPqiMzPpSJZ...+WGku5dANQAVWPteHKmwzMQ+mvGoA=="